Los Angeles Mall Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets, USA Wholesale Cheap

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Los Angeles Mall Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets, USA Wholesale Cheap

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Los Angeles Mall Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets, USA Wholesale Cheap

Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets,
Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets,

Los Angeles Mall Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets, USA Wholesale Cheap

Los Angeles Mall Etimoe (African rosewood) wood veneer sheets, 30x18cm, 2 sheets, USA Wholesale Cheap

Short length wood veneer set. Great for marquetry, jewelry projects, modelling, box making, bentwood ring making, etc.

PHOTO NOTES: The two extremes in appearance are demonstrated by the 2nd and 3rd photos. You will get a veneer in between these extremes.


Wood veneer is a natural product and often has imperfections. We inspect our veneer thoroughly and document any defects below:

* Healthy knot in the middle of the veneer (it doesn#39;t not really differ from the rest of the wood).

* Sheets are not perfectly square, minimum dimensions are given.


* Grade: A (grades from best to worst: AA, A, A/B, B, B/C, C)

* Veneer cut: Quartered

* Sheets: 2 sheets

* Dimensions: 30 x 18 cm (~12.0″ x 7.1″)

* Surface area: 0.110 sqm (~1.181 sqft).

* Thickness: 0.56 mm (~0.022″).

* Sheets in this listing are consecutive (sequence matched). They can be book matched, slip matched or butt matched for your project. Sequence is guaranteed if you buy multiples of this listing.

* You will get the depicted veneer or very similar. Sheets in this listing are from the same part of a single veneer bundle, so the wood figure is largely identical for all sheets.


Common name(s): etimoe, African rosewood
Botanical name(s): Copaifera mildbraedii, Copaifera salikounda
The Wood Database link: http://www.wood-database.com/etimoe/
IUCN Red List category: Vulnerable (VU). High risk of endangerment in the wild.
IUCN link: http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/33041/0

The reddish brown etimoe from West Africa is sometimes called African rosewood, although it bears no relation to true rosewoods from the Dalbergia genus. It doesn#39;t need famous relatives either, being a rather pretty wood on its own right. The veneer is remarkably chatoyant (beats mahoganies), easy to work with and has a mild, distinct and pleasant scent when being sanded — by some accounts, the bark and leaves of the tree are used as parfume in its origin region.

Marquetry: Medium to fine texture, cuts and saws very well.

Ringmaking: Easy to bend and the chatoyance adds a nice, rich touch to the ring. The curls of the figuration may make the ring look a bit uneven as the light reflection changes, which may be a welcome or unwelcome effect depending on what you are after.


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