USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection

Books, Movies Music\ => Movies Moonrise Kingdom Signed Autographed Script Full Screenplay Full Script ReprintThis item contains reprint facsimile autographs of the following celebrities:-Bruce Willis (Captain Sharp)-Edward Norton (Scout Master Ward)-Bill Murray (Mr. Bishop)-Frances McDormand (Mrs. Bishop)-Tilda Swinton (Social Services)-Jared Gilman (Sam)-Kara Hayward (Suzy)-Jason Schwartzman (Cousin Ben)-Wes Anderson (Writer)Hollywood Reprints provides a full script of the given TV Show or Movie. These scripts are reprinted from the full length production scripts used while shooting the film.These scripts are high quality and bound by brass round head fasteners.Shipping:The item is safely packaged and shipped in a protective box. We ship domestically and internationally. Official Online Sale It just came today and I am so happy! I ordered the Endgame script for a friend for a Christmas party on the 17th, I can't wait to give it to them!! I looked through it and I'm so jealous lol I'm going to order another for myself for sure. It's accurate, good quality, and the signatures are awesome. Thank you so much!! :)I was so excited to get, especially since I was watching all the movies again!!this made me cry when i first opened it cause it’s so beautiful, and i just know my best friend who got me into marvel will love this!!!!came so quickly! I love it, my brother's Christmas will be made Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, for more than 30 years, our collections have been curated by all our daily necessities only the best. USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection Moonrise Kingdom Signed Autographed Script Full Screenplay Full

USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection

This large, vertical quilt started with the question “What would happen if I painted a large, single piece of satin with an intricate mosaic pattern for the face of this quilt?” This jaw-dropping art quilt is my answer.Story behind this quilt:This quilt was my first large-scale painted mosaic-style quilt. I knew before I started that I wanted to paint the whole quilt. Not only that, but I wanted to play with my color palate. I usually gravitate toward warmer colors (oranges, reds, yellows), but with this quilt I wanted to focus on cool colors (blues, greens, purples).My Aunt Beverly was an artist in Santa Fe. When I was growing up, a mosaic piece she made hung in my grandparents’ house. I just loved that piece! It depicted children dancing. I would spend hours staring at that mosaic. I think it sparked my lifelong love of mosaics. I have even made some mosaic table tops and counter tops. There is something about combining a bunch of various fragments – bits of slate, glass bubble marbles, even some actual ammonite shells – to create a surface that delights the eye to look at. This quilt was an experiment to recreate the look of mosaic tile in a quilt.Another inspiration for this quilt comes from my love of spiral forms, especially in nature. I am completely captivated by spirals. I was once asked to draw a metaphor for life. While others drew a straight line, I drew a spiral. We start from a single point – a single cell. Then we are born small, and grow bigger. We learn, grow, and develop infinitely. Although we may feel we’ve circled back around to a place we’ve been before, life is never exactly the same. Just like spirals can continue to expand forever, there is no limit to how far we may grow. Similarly, we can change directions and turn inward to revisit the past through our memories. We can dive inward and explore our inner depths boundlessly. I’m a huge proponent of personal growth and development.This quilt celebrates the beautiful, spiral structures of ammonites. Ammonites are extinct marine mollusks that died out with the last of the dinosaurs, approximately 65 million years ago. Nature uses the spiral structure in a variety of objects and organisms because it is such a strong, stable structure. Spirals can be seen in human finger prints, snail shells, and pine cones. Spirals structures can also be found in hurricanes, whirlpools, and galaxies. Just when I think I’m done with spirals, they pull me back in. I think I’ll always work with spirals to some degree.I just love this quilt! I love the movement in the background. I love the way the metallic paints just explode off of this quilt. I love the colors. I hope others share my love when they view this quilt. I would love to see this quilt go to someone who experiences pleasure and joy when they look at it. I hope it will find its way to someone who will love it as much as I do.Process:This was a very labor-intensive process. I took a single piece of dark purple satin and marked the rough outline of the ammonite shapes. I then went back with metallic fabric paints and brought the shapes to life by making small paint marks of various shapes (lines, triangles, squares, etc.). Zoom in on the images and you will see each square, line, and shape of paint. When I completed the ammonite forms to my satisfaction, I began to paint the background. Since ammonites were sea creatures, a background suggesting the flow of water seemed appropriate. I surrounded each ammonite with painted dashes to suggest the movement of water around the ammonites, as though they could be resting on the sea floor. Finally, after creating all of the hundreds (thousands?) of paint marks, I began quilting. I quilted around each one of the paint marks, not once, but TWICE! Did I mention labor-intensive?! But the result is so worth it! Doubling my effort makes the paint “pop out” like tile would in a real mosaic. It took me five weeks to make this quilt.If you want to know more about my mosaic-style process, you can see me demonstrate it on Episode 2606 of The Quilt Show (!I love the process of creating art quilts like this one! Being able to play with color, shapes, fabrics, paints, and textures, I draw on all of my life experiences, metaphysical understandings, and love of life to create the most beautiful expressions possible to me at that particular point in my creative journey. My work is about color, life, possibilities, beauty, and excitement! I hope you love this work as much as I do and that you will honor me by choosing my work to decorate your home or office.Care Handling Instructions:This Art Quilt has a hanging sleeve on the back. Care and hanging instructions are included. A hanging rod is included.This quilt has a label on the back with the title of the piece, date created, and artist info.Dimensions:41 inches wide x 56 inches high Authorized Dealers Mosaic Ammonites III Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection you can depend on us for news, commentary, analysis, features, faqs, advice, hands-on reviews, buying guides, amazing photography and fun and informative videos. Art Collectibles\ => Fiber Arts\ => Quilting

USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection

Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt,
Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt,

USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection

USA Store For Gardener Dad Shirt, Lawn Enforcement Officer Shirt, Dad T-Shirt, Collection

If you want both-sided printing, please add the product in this link to your cart as much as the T-shirt quantity. bulk orders (10 pieces or more),Please contact with us and we can provide you more discounts.
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This customized gift can be used by all the members of family, it will be the best wanderlust, travel apparel unisex personalized shirt ever!

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