Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price

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Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price

Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price Home Living\ => Outdoor Gardening\ => Planters Pots\ => Indoor Planters our editors and writers thoroughly evaluate all the latest product that come through our independent lab. Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Clearance Cheap Sale Online Little White Raku House Succulent Pot This little raku house planter is perfect for a cactus or succulent. It#39;s 4quot; tall with a 2.5quot; square base. If you don#39;t want the drainage hole, it can be stopped up with a piece of chewing gum.The windows are cut into the pot. You can guide shoots or tendrils through the openings. If you fill the pot with cactus soil up to the top, it will stay put.

Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price

Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood
Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood


Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price

Fort Worth Mall Wedding Band Ring Wood |Silver|Gold|Roségold|Whitegold Bentwood Online Wholesale Price

Engagement ring made of precious metal and exclusive wood
Here you get 1 (one) exclusive engagement ring / wedding ring / wedding band /
Annual ring which is purely handmade just for you.

This ring is made of precious metal and exclusive wood.

(here you can choose between 17 precious metals * and 25 species of wood **)

The picture shows an example ring in size 17,7 and 4,0mm
with Yellow Gold and Plum wood inlay.

Since our products are always made by hand after ordering,
you can change your rings to your wishes in the proportions.

Our highest good is to process high quality materials.

For this reason we only use precious woods which we still
select by ourselves and receiving the metals directly from the refinery in the form
of granules, which we then pour into the ring by hand.

#Can I customize my rings? #

Of Course! Each ring will be made by us after placing the order and
is an individual order from this moment.

The width of the border as well as the width of the wood can be varied to your desire.

You can have your rings produced in 3 - 10mm width.

The border width (the border edge left and right beside the wood) has a
Standard width of 0.5mm, where we are flexible and can offer you
Bridge widths from 0.3 upwards.

If you do not specify the width of the bridge, your ring will be
manufactured in the standard width, about 0.5 mm

Sample pictures (Ring 4.0 mm overall width):

Silver rim left: 0.4 mm | Wooden insert men#39;s ring: 3,2 mm | Right silver edge: 0.4 mm
If you want your ring as shown in the picture, please just tell us
Please let us know your required size in the checkout =)

# Can I also get an engraving? #

Yes! Engraving is always included in the price of our rings;

Here we almost don´t have any limits, since we engrave with an
Engraving machine, after we setup your engraings at the PC.

As a font we always use quot;Bodoni MTquot;, though
If you want a different font, you have to specify this while ordering
then we can test if the font is possible;

#Can I also have a stone set in? #

Yes, it is possible.

Here you are spoiled for choice and you can choose between a fake
Stone (cubic zirconia) or a real diamond. The best thing to do is to contact us before ordering,
so that we can make you a corresponding offer.

There is no stone in the offer, not even if on the sample picture
Ring with stone can be seen, this is for illustration purposes only;

This must always be ordered separately.

Also real diamonds are available, just ask =)

#Our material: #

We are still looking for our woods personally to make sure
that we only get the best woods;

We do not use wood cut from the shroud, but are one of the
few making rings in bentwood process;

This variant is the safest variant, as opposed to Rings with wood from a block
cut, here we have the advantage that our rings can not break
(a piece of wood cut out of the shroud, has so-called predetermined breaking points,
they do not exist in the Bentwood process).

Our wood is inserted into the prepared groove during processing
(in the winding process), then our woods are not just
Sealed (this is the very simple variant in which superglue over
the wood is glued), no, we thought about it for years
and can offer a very safe variant that will keep your wood long, very long
alive. Our rings are provided with an extremely strong seal
(this is about 0.6 mm thick), so that our rings even could be plate after completion.

Our rings are 100% waterproof and durable (applies only to
Rings with embedded wood and the new method);

Our rings do not need to be aftertreated by you all the time
(no constant oiling, growing etc.)

You can always associate our rings with water, no matter if it is in the
Shower, in the bathtub or on vacation by the sea, as long as the extremely hard
Sealing is not broken, which is usually only possible by force,
by drilling into the seal, using pliers or any
Subject such as nail etc. to crush the seal;

You will receive unique rings / engagement rings / wedding rings from us
Every one of our rings is custom-made for you, and every one of them has one
Piece of wood its individual character. The grain is different from
Wood to wood

(the example picture is not the same as the one made for you individually)

#Delivery time and delivery details: #

The delivery time is usually about 6 - 8 weeks.
You need your ring earlier?
Then please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can clarify
whether an earlier production is possible.

Under certain conditions and an express charge of € 99.00,
We can make your ring within 3 weeks (depending on order situation).

We ship our goods in an exclusive ring box (no plastic).

# Size / Dimensions / Weight: #

The ring thickness (height of the ring incl. Wood is approx. 2.0 mm.
The ring width on offer is 4.0 mm
(can be changed by you for an extra charge)

The weight of each ring depends greatly on the width of the ring
and can not be named clearly here

(Deviations of +/- 0.5mm possible through pure manual work)


# Available materials: #

Wood species **:

Rosewood, Cherry, Beech, Ovangkol, Louro Preto, Ged. Mahogany, oak,
Maple, plum, gray oak, amazakou, walnut, pear, padouk (coral),
Smoked cherry, Bobinga, walnut root, teak, ebony, Euro. Walnut bright,
Mahogany, amaranth, olive, aroma cedar

Metals *:

935 silver, 333er (8ct) white gold, 376er (9ct) white gold, 585er (14ct) white gold,
333er (8ct) yellow gold, 376er (9ct) yellow gold, 585er (14ct) yellow gold,
750 (18ct) Yellow Gold, 917 (22ct) Yellow Gold, 990 (23ct) Yellow Gold,
376 (9ct) rose gold, 585 (14ct) rose gold, 750 (18ct) rose gold,
500 palladium, 585 palladium, 950 palladium, 600 platinum, 952 platinum


Just like us, every piece of wood is unique and different.

Therefore, the color and grain of the wood may differ from the one in the picture.

This makes your jewel even more unique and valuable;
It is simply an absolute unique, which only you own!

Find more wonderful handmade jewelry in our shop
More pictures to our articles?

Of course we would be happy about followers here


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