gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous

167 and 167-A -- Both are replicas of whale teeth. They are copies so no rules of sale, purchase or ownership is in question. It is the product of pouring an epoxy mixture into a mold and allowing it to cure. We have permission to produce one per month by the owner of the original tooth who made the mold. It is less than five inches tall and is about 2 1/2 inches wide at the big end. It weighs less than five ounces. It is a near exact replica of the original.PRICE IS DIFFERENT FOR EACH $48 FOR THE MERCURY AND $43 FOR THE DAKOTA BECAUSE IT IS SLIGHTLY SMALLER.167 is a scrimshawed carving on one side about the three mast schooner which was set up as a whaling ship. It is named the ship Mercury. On the reverse side the original engraver used his name as Captain Daniel Jordan. Jordan was captain of the ship, that operated out of Greenport 1862-70.167-A is a smaller tooth with a scrimshawed carving of the whaling ship Dakota which operated out of Nantucket in the years around 1860There is a mold, much like an ice tray in your freezer compartment, into which is poured a resinous mixture similar to epoxy which after drying time is over, the finished COPY OF THE WHALE#39;S TOOTH is extracted and the engraved portioned are rubbed today with a commercial blend of lamp black and mineral oil.The original was most probably carved while the ship was at sea for as much as one to three years while they chased whales from the tropics to the artic waters. The sailors as well as the officers of the ship were equally bored and if they didn#39;t read or write there was not much to do except for carving, playing card games or quot;throwing bonesquot; as a way to gamble. None of the sailors and not too many of the officers had any money aboard ship so they gambled their daily portion of rum or food. Both of these commodities were in short supply sometimes and stops on islands for fresh water and to resupply their food. Scurvy was always a problem caused by dietary shortage of vitamin C. The savvy ship captains knew to stop at islands in their path for fresh water and fresh fruit to head off scurvy before it incapacitated the crew. Severe cases could often lead to death. So elegant! I did receive so many complements at the dinner I went to and felt so happy. I felt so happy that I wore it . I would encourage people to buy it.Wow! These crystals absolutely stunning! I splurged and treated myself to a giant Smokey quartz cluster which got badly damaged in the mail. I reached out to the shop and mentioned what happened and he send me a new beautiful crystal. The owner Bob cares- he really, truly does. He wants you to be absolutely happy with your purchase. I am so grateful, my heart is so happy! I will be shipping again in the future, the quality and kindness are unmatched.This crystal in reality is a bit different than in the listing photography (see photo), but it is still very beautiful. It is 3 inches long (strait - not graduated) and 3/4 of an inch wide at is longest point across. I am pretty sure this crystal (at least the one I received) is clear quartz that has been heated and treated to get it this blue color. Even though I think the price is a bit high for a piece that isn't natural, this color is rare to find in double terminated whether heated or not, so I will keep it and give it 5 stars!I love the size of it and its absolutely beautiful! Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello we also have a purpose built distribution centre in tokyo where we despatch well over 1000 orders every day! Official USA Shop gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous 167 and 167-A -- Both are replicas of whale teeth. They are cop Art Collectibles\ => Collectibles\ => Paperweights

gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous

Craft Supplies Tools\ => Fabric Notions\ => Fabric Another beautiful slow stitching kit from Nicole, I started using it the same day it arrived!!! It was exactly what I wanted!!Nicole is simply fabulous! I love all my goodies and they arrived packaged exactly as pictured! As soon as I received my package I emailed her immediately to tell her how much I loved the collection and that she definitely has a loyal customer, so much so that I have ordered her blue collection! She got right back to me too! If I could give more stars I would!!!What can I say, the kit is everything I needed in one box!! It came quickly, amp; on my birthday too!!! Fab service from Nicole, thank you again for everythingI finally had a chance to open this incredible package to sort through the contents. Oh my goodness! It feels hand-selected just for me. I actually got teary over the stories all of these items must hold. Thank you for this priceless project-starter! Slow Stitching Kit/100% Vintage/Fabric Lace Ephemera/Junk Jour As you unwrap your glorious little box, you will find layer after layer of vintage goodies. 10 pieces of vintage fabric scraps, vintage trims, vintage buttons, vintage ephemera vintage slow stitching thread. I am sure you will be thrilled with the contents that include a selection of fabrics in varying sizes, trim/lace, some of which are taken from cuffs, collars and doilies.... You will also find lace scraps, ribbon, buttons and thread.Please note that all of the contents are genuinely vintage (pre-2000) with the majority being placed between 1930 and 1990. As such, I have limited supply making each box unique. I curate each box from house clearances, collectors stash, brocantes and vide-greniers. Whilst I can assure you that they are moth free, I must point out that all of the items in the kit are either repurposed or come from storage which means they can have age spots, tape marks, frayed edges and sometimes small holes which I know from your feedback is what you love and what makes each piece you craft unique. If however you are looking for a box of new fabrics, items without flaws and colour co-ordinated, these kits are not for you. This fabulous bundle is ideal as a slow stitching/junk journal kit and is a wonderful stash builder for sewing and mixed media projects, for fabric collage, and many other arts and crafts.***. Please note that as each box is unique, the box you receive may not be the same as those in the images shown. I have tried to give you an idea of the contents by showing various batches that have been created. Each box will vary slightly to that described above as genuine vintage stock is always limited to what I can salvage.These wonderful little boxes will make a great birthday gift or a gift to yourself to inspire you to create. If you have any special requests or any queries, please don#39;t hesitate to drop me a line and get in touch.Happy Stitching X Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello Easy-to-use gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous we offer sellers the ability to grow a business with little barrier to entry regardless of size, background or geographic location.

gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous

Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello
Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello


gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous

gift Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yello famous

Sapphire Silver Necklace, Emerald Beads Gemstone Necklace, Yellow Vermeil 925 Silver Jewelry, Pave Diamond Necklace, 26quot; Pendant Necklace

Gross Weight: 47.17 gram

Gemstone Weight: 42.50 cts

Diamond Weight: 9.75 cts

Necklace Size: 26 Inch


All The Products Are Designed And Manufactured In My Workshop By Me My Team.

Shown Products Are Purely Handmade.

Custom Orders Are Open Handly Accepted. We Are the Perfect Choice For Any Custom Jewelry Manufacturing. For Bulk Orders Please Message me.

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