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Bath Beauty\ => Fragrances Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Arrived on time. Vendor included a small soap sample. I purchased 3 organic perfume oils. I love the jojoba carrier oil. It has great slippage. Of the 3 scents, I like Silk Road best because it smells sensual (other 2 are Rain All Day and Summertime). I don't see the citrusy Summertime offered any longer and the Rain All Day is nice once the fir note dissipates.Smells good but not what I expected... Was expecting more warmth, more depth, maybe a hint of musk or amber..Has a very strong ylang-ylang scent (sweet, like cotton candy or bubble gum)...which does smell great but not what I was looking for. Also, smells almost identical to the Sandalwood Rose that I also ordered, which also has an overpowering ylang-ylang scent... Although with this one I can detect a verrrry faint note of black pepper or something like that.. But they are so close they smell pretty much the same..Smells great and lasts long. Since it’s an oil you can spread it around a lot of areas before you run out!My partner loves it, and it's not too strong for my over-sensitive nose. PERFECT! Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted Large Discount Wholesale Sultry floral notes of ylang ylang and orange blossom fuse with aromatic tones of sage, vetiver, and sandalwood. This exotic fragrance invokes distant destinations and travels. It starts off softly floral with a subtle powdery feminine dry down with just a touch of ancient spice. This new scent is available in a body soap, hand body Lotion and natural deodorant as well.Natural, organic jojoba oil in a glass bottle with a secure metal screw top that fits nicely in a pocket or handbag for convenience. Our perfumes are made from essential oils, natural fragrance, extracts, absolutes and co2 extracts, nothing synthetic. The scents are strong and a dab on pulse points is all that is needed so your .35oz glass bottle will last for many months depending on usage. Silk Road Organic Perfume we have employing around 10,000 colleagues, it is the tokyo number one toy retailer and a market leader in furniture, homewares and electricals.

Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted

Max 60% OFF Weddings\ => Clothing\ => Dresses\ => Bridal Gowns Separates Wedding dress on SALE. Pale pink chiffon dress with remarkable floral embroidery! Natural waistline. I have pinned on appliques, I can include for you (extra) as dress is on sale. about a sz 6 (gown is unzipped as it is a sz 6 dress form is 8) This dress is absolutely stunning. It fit like a glove when I put it on (aside from length because I am only 5'4" and must get everything hmmed). Be very careful when opening the box! Also, Paula sent along with the dress a pair of matching starburst hair combs that I had on my wishlist from her store! They match the dress perfectly!Amaxing wedding dress for my 2nd time around. I wanted to do my own thing this time, and this dress is perfect. Communication was excellent with the seller, doscription was spot in, photos were great, and the dress is even more beautiful in person. My only conplaint is I don't have any more formal events to go to, so I can't buy more for beautiful dresses!I’m getting married in 2022 and was looking online for dress inspiration and when I found this dress I knew it was my dress and I had to get it. The anxiety of buying a dress online that I had never tried on was strong, but Paula was responsive and so kind. With my measurements it was possible the dress would be a little small and Paula told me exactly what would need to be done to alter it, she even sent drawn out instructions and extra material with the dress in case I needed alterations. It almost fits like a glove and doesn’t need much. The materials used are high quality and you can tell the dress was made with love and care. Thanks so much, Paula for helping me fulfill my fairytale wedding dreams! I wish I was getting married sooner now because I want to wear the dress everyday!The dreamiest wedding dress i've ever seen!! The seller even added in the cutest hair accessories to match - an unexpected but wonderful gift! I cannot wait to feel like a fairy on my wedding day ♥️ Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted our website is the only official online portal . Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower SALE Pale pink embroidered alternative wedding dress bridal gown

Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted

Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower
Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower

Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted

Purchase Wholesale Lip Balm |Organic | Personalized |Lip Balm in Tube | Baby Shower Shop Discounted

We always have super dry Lips and we spend every winter looking for a solution to her chapped skin... After extensive research and testing, we have made our First Lip Balm: We call it Lip Balm: Formula No. 1!

Lip Balm, Organic, Personalized, Lip Balm in Tube, Baby Shower Favors, Bridal Shower Favors - 0.15 oz

Personalize for Special Occasions!

Ingredients: 100% all-natural locally sourced Beeswax, Cocoa Butter Sweet almond oil

Color: Natural (Light Golden Yellow)
Scent (mild natural honey)
Sensitive Skin Friendly!

- Soy Free
- No added dyes
- No added perfumes
- No additives or preservatives
- No added chemicals!

OPTIONS. Amazing for Knitters and Expecting Mothers
Great gifts for hosts, teachers, moms/dads, clients, bridesmaids, and friends.
**Add a custom label for personalized wedding favors, bridal/baby shower favors, bachelorette parties, teacher gifts and birthdays. **

SKINCARE WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Lotion without the Chemicals, Water, and Alcohol! Lotion bars have a reputation for being a health-conscious choice because they are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products, such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), ethanolamines and petroleum. Lotion bars are mess-free and convenient.

Our provided tin can allows our Lotion bars to be thrown in your purse, diaper bag, gym bag, or a suitcase for travel.

GREEN BEAUTY/ GREEN PLANET: While appearing like a bar of soap there are no plastic bottles or containers. The process for creating the Lotion bars Candles have a very low Environmental Footprint especially as they are all made with organic ingredients

FYI: Do not leave in direct heat or sunlight, doing so will cause lotion bar/ Candles to melt. If Lotion Bar melts it will lose shape however, you can still use it just the same! Place the entire container in the fridge to reharden. If you live in warmer climates it is NOT recommended to leave Lotion Bars outside or in cars.

Please know that we will not be held responsible if the Lotion bars/ Candles melt due to be being left outside or during the transition. It is strongly recommended that you place your item in the freezer upon arrival. Do so PRIOR to opening the item for about ten mins. This will assure the item is harden and help avoid a mess.

DISCLAIMER: All of Candles by Gia Products are handmade in a private kitchen.
Content on our shop is provided as general information and should not be considered medical advice. Product information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Comments and feedback about product effectiveness are based on customer, staff and family opinions and should not be substituted for medical care.
Candles by Gia is not liable for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Remember to read labels and ingredient lists carefully and follow the appropriate directions for use. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. An allergy patch test is recommended if there is any doubt or history of skin reactions. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs.
Please consult a healthcare provider if you have any questions about a particular health condition.
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