Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Ruddy Turnstone(Arenaria interpres) has a interesting name. Have you seen them flips over stones? It is looking for the prey hiding underneath. This piece has been handmade from resin. It is painted by hand with accuracy and love. Look closely and you will every tiny little details in their feathers. It will be happy to stay with you - on your desk, a shelf, a windowsill. It can serve as a decor for flower pots, terrarium or maybe in a zen garden. Anywhere you’d love to put! It is definitely a wonderful gift for bird lovers!The measurements of the item are approximately:Height: 2.5cmWidth: 2.5cmLength:4cmIf you have any questions regarding this item, please do not hesitate to contact me. You are welcome to look through the other handmade items which are offered in KarmilleArt.************************************************************************************Each bird is made by hand from start to finish, thus it may vary slightly, giving each one a unique personality. All of the sculptures will be beautifully packaged and shipped to you with the utmost love and care. We hope that it brings a smile to your face and light up your mood. ;)*Original design and modified by KarmilleArt based on bird model created by DaFu ( Thanks for visiting!* I order two killdeers, and they arrived in their own little boxes. Overall, the product quality, and item size is what I expected. I like that each bird is hand painted and are unique. Photo of one of the birds on top of a quarter for size comparison. I would purchase again.Extremely cute well-detailed tiny little bird! Arrived in reasonable time, given Covid and overseas shipping. Well packaged. The details are exquisite - the feathers have shading and definition and the eyes stand out even from a distance. It is very tiny - the measurements on the listing are accurate, so check if you're unsure. All in all, I'm incredibly impressed.How cute is this little bird!Very helpful when help is needed! They were really sweet about everything and the bird is so adorable! Will be buying again in the future :) we are a team of professionals who are working hard to provide you with the best products at the best prices, delivered to your door as soon as possible. Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Max 45% OFF Craft Supplies Tools\ => Doll Model Supplies\ => Miniatures Ruddy Turnstone Figurine Handmade Bird Sculpture figurine Bird M Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Very very nice. Beautiful colors- pink amp; purple-Just the right size for my two and four year old granddaughters.I love it!! It’s exactly like my black Jeep Wrangler (wish it was a little bigger but it’s ok)THE CUTEST TRUCKS!!!! I ordered USPS and ups and they came so quickly and shipped the same day. My son is going to love them!!! Thank you!!!Very nice little guitar! San Diego Mall Toys Games\ => Toys\ => Toy Instruments glossy shinny toy guitar with metal strings in non toxic paints , measures 23 inches in lenght, wights 1.5 pounds , we have different colors,made with white poplar plywood ours stand out the competition cause we oofer the best quality you get what u pay for or your money back its that simple Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case each and every order is checked by one of our team to ensure the products you've chosen are suitably matched. kids toy wooden toy guitar makes sounds pretend to play

Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case
Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case

Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Discounts Buy Store Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case Austin Mall

Makeup Bag - Leather Makeup Pouch - Makeup Case

Ready to ship in 2–5 business days.


The pouch is made of 5 mm thick wool felt (CREAM WHITE); collar and loop are made of natural leather (ORANGE BROWN); zipper (DARK BROWN).
Note: Because every screen is different the colours of felt, leather and zipper you see on the photos could be slightly different in person.


Each multi-purpose bag is handmade ​​in Slovenia. The compact design provides it safety and stability, thus allowing storage on practically any surface, be it a sink, small shelf or any other unstable or uneven surface. The durable 5mm thick wool felt the bag consists of allows you to safely store a variety of items. It can be used to store any kind of cosmetic product, a phone charger or even serve as a pencil case.


Length: 21.6 cm
Width (leather trim): 12 cm
Maximum height: 8 cm

The small pouch is suitable for storing make-up or other small items intended for everyday use. It is small enough to be placed into your handbag, making sure your items stay organized in one place. Additionally, it allows the storage of phone chargers, USB keys and other essential items. The small pouch can also be used as a pencil case, having enough space to store colored pencils, crayons and other small school supplies.


Length: 28 cm
Width (leather trim): 16 cm
Maximum height: 12 cm

The large bag is suitable for storing larger items such as shampoos, shower gels and other cosmetics. It can be used to store multiple chargers for your phone, USB devices or other essential items. Its durable, high-quality zipper runs along the entire length providing great visibility and easy access to the contents.

Wool felt is a very durable and breathable material. The thickness of the material (5 mm) provides extra protection for the items inside the bag. All bags are lightweight and provide orderliness to your belongings anywhere you go. They are designed to stand on either flat or uneven surfaces. The leather loop can be used to hang the bags in convenient places.


Want to add a custom touch? You can choose between different felt, leather and zipper colours and different designs of patches. Request a custom order or contact us if you have any other questions.


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