Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For

Absolutely amazing! I am so in love with my evil eye jibbitz, I also had a lovely lolly pop in there which my 2 year old daughter kindly helped herself to, the delivery was on time and the attention to detail with my name on the customer card and the lolly made me feel extra special, so thank you! And will deffo be buying from you again xVery good but bubbles does have a small blue mark on her face. I needed it for a present so didn’t have time to return/question but overall happyI like the Jibbitz very much, really something different. Also the quality is very good. I would like to thank the team again for creating the individual list, I really thought it was great. I can only recommend this shop. Thank you very much!!!SO amazing! great quality and such cute, safe and secure packaging! thankyou so much :) RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Requests available - message us! Our Exclusive Luxee Croc charm Set of 5 Croc charms, Clog charms Order Cheap Prices we offer home pickup/drop-offs, stand-in product support and more depending on a customer's needs. we are available 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Shoes\ => Insoles Accessories\ => Shoelaces Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For

Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For

I got the Hot Chocolate clipart set to make a STEAM activity worksheet more fun and festive (for personal use only, not to sell), and it was the perfect choice! My students will love the cute marshmallows and mugs!? Aloha amp; Thank You for sharing your art. My entire ohana (Hawaiian for family) and I love you work. It's super adorable, cute amp; affordable. I'll definitely be purchasing more of your work in the near future. Mahalo (Thank You?) from Hawaii, Iwi ?Love it!! I used it in order to design my New Year's brunch invitations and they turned out lovely!!Love these sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute CUTE CUTE!!! Hot Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, COMMERCIAL USE, for all your projects ideas.---------------------------------------This Kawaii clip art is perfect and terrific for create handmade craft items, stationery, greeting cards, party invitations, scrapbooking, and everything you wonder. Is perfect digital use and print.---------------------------------------★PERSONAL AND SMALL COMMERCIAL USE★---------------------------------------- DETAILS:♥ File can be download immediately after your payment is confirmed♥ This is a digital file♥ You will get PNG files, transparent background♥ Size: 12quot;x12quot; inch aprox | 300 dpi♥ I do NOT ship or print---------------------------------------For more cool and adorable stuff, you can buy HERE:★Print and enjoy your graphicsquot;★---------------------------------------IMPORTAN TO USE THIS CLIPART:1. Every Clipart can be used for Personal and Small Commercial use2. You can do 100 pieces maximum, if you need do more you must buy Commercial License: For Small Commercial use you must CREDIT us or LINKBACK to http://www.TheHappyGraphics.Etsy.com4. If You want to use our work WITHOUT CREDIT you must Purchase COMMERCIAL LICENSE5. You CANNOT resell or redistribute the clipart but you can use it in an element of your design6. You CANNOT claim the design as you#39;re own---------------------------------------Please don#39;t for get read our quot;Shop Policiesquot; at the bottom of the homepage. Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For Sacramento Mall Craft Supplies Tools\ => Canvas Surfaces\ => Stencils, Templates Transfers\ => Clip Art Image Files RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Hot Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, COMMERCIAL USE, Christmas Clipart, Chr and we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the things we’re assessing.

Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For

RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry
RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry


Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For

Boston Mall RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Cry Reliable Quality For


This RAREST Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Quartz Point is ready ?

It has been nurtured, looked after in my crystal sanctuary, and it has been learning to connect with humans and those in this physical reality.

Its vibrational frequency is so high that the crystal simply needed time to get #39;adjusted#39; and learn to establish rapport with its new energy worker, aka crystal parent ?

If anything, I found it surprising it needed time to get #39;acclimatised#39; as it feels so warm and accepting and generous and facilitating.

Yet the crystal wants to work ...not just with the person who is here on a mission for the humanity#39;s ascension or healing purposes,
...the crystal wants to work with the person who is interested in the whole GAIA ascension... meaning the person who would be interested in the greater good of humanity and the greater good of the Earth as a planet.

In a way, I am not surprised it is ready to work with you and facilitate your mission NOW.
A new wave of activation has been facilitated, for the whole Earth and humanity!
A few days earlier, I#39;ve had the most exciting communication with the Earth energy (a small piece of the communication is shared in one of my petrified wood listings)...
As a result my office, with the crystal sanctuary in it, has been exposed to all the powerful energies the crystals are facilitating or about to facilitate for you.

It is no surprise that this patient soul-crystal, has been waiting for such energetic #39;activation#39; and #39;learning#39;,
and is now FULLY READY to work with you ?

Please pay attention to the distribution of GOLD RAYS throughout the crystal! This is extraordinary rare to see this formation! As though the Gold Rays Shower got encapsulated within the crystal!
You can see it clearly on two of the faces.
The crystal also comes with an additional information - try connecting to the frequency of the imprint within the crystal.

The Golden Ray is the 12th Ray of Creation and is the highest frequency of Light currently available to the Earth plane. It contains the essence of all the preceding rays, and its energy is what is known as Christ Consciousness; the experience of Oneness with the Creator.
There is a belief, that when you activate the Golden Ray in your field, you connect with the Great Central Sun, which is the Firstborn of Creation, from where all souls originate. Therefore, when you connect with the Great Central Sun through the Golden Ray of Unity Consciousness, you connect with the highest aspect of your soul, which resides in Oneness with all souls. It is the Great Oversoul.
In this space, everything in Creation is known, including the best solution for every imbalance. When you work with this Ray, you go beyond healing. It brings forth complete transformation and spiritual rebirth.
The ultimate purpose of the Golden Ray is to assist souls in their journey back to the One, but on a more mundane level, it manifests the qualities of peace, harmony, creativity and unconditional love. It also balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. It is the Ray of Highest Order that blends the physical with the Spiritual, combining Heaven and Earth.
The Golden Ray brings you into the Now, helping you gain inner clarity and inner knowing, while opening your connection to be guided by your highest Self.

Stunning Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Quartz Point with akashic lines and rainbow flashes!

Very Apprx. 2.9quot; x 2.2quot; x 1.8quot;
286 gr. or 0.63 lb

These lovely crystals have a golden hue rather than the typical whites. The golden color is due to a fine infusion of iron oxide typical of a golden healer crystal. This lends a protective, and deeply physical healing energy to these Lemurians. Centering in the sacral and solar plexus chakras, these Lemurians create a link between the physical essences of those two chakras and the spiritual aspects of the heart chakra. Though each crystal has its own unique characteristics, in general they have a very soothing warmth, gentling that ball of anxiety centered in the belly. They exude a quiet happiness that makes them a delight to be near.

Crystals with streaks of orange and yellow iron inclusions are also known as golden healers. Occasionally (like in this case!) the iron staining can give the whole crystal a beautiful golden hue. Golden healers are protective, healing, and aid in intuition and spiritual intellect. Golden Healers aid us in all healing endeavors. They assist in showing us how to correct any imbalance. Golden Healers have been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with the spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels. It is an excellent stone for use in all healing situations and promotes the recognition of methods and techniques which will further aid recovery from all disorders.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are believed to be a gift from the earth from the far reaches of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. What appears to be a clouded appearance are, in fact, the growth lines or striations of the crystal, recording the ancient knowledge of Lemuria. It is believed that although the physical civilization ended, the consciousness of Lemuria has never left, but has been kept alive in the earth with records of that precious knowledge being seeded in the crystals for later use. Lemurian seed crystals assist in creating a holographic connection between inner earth, the surface of earth, as well as with the stellar regions.

Lemurian Seeds can be used to open and cleanse all chakras and meridians. It is particularly powerful in opening and expanding the Heart chakra. Once open and cleared, the energy of the chakras and meridians can allow one to make well-supported transformational changes in their life. These crystals are a blending of quot;down-to-Earthquot; energy with the mystical realms of the past, other present, and future. The energy in Lemurian Seeds multiplies and focuses the overall energy of Quartz many times.

Lemurian Seed Crystal Quartz carries an understanding of polarities (yin/yang, male/female, good/bad, right/wrong). With polarity as a focus, a person can see that all issues have multiple viewpoints and that by understanding these and integrating them, a person can produce a better overall Whole Self within.

MORE lemurian quartz:

Very Apprx. 2.9quot; x 2.2quot; x 1.8quot;
286 gr. or 0.63 lb

RAREST Superior Frequency GOLDEN HEALER Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point Exquisite Connection with Higher Vibrationally Realms Golden Rays


The crystal is shipped tracked. Please contact me if you require to arrange an insurance or alternatively you may opt for an express service that is the safest I find when dealing with such precious crystals.
Personally I highly recommend the express service that way we don#39;t need to arrange any insurance as I find that#39;s the safest and fastest way to deliver the treasure to you!

IMPORTANT. Please read the #39;small print#39; towards the end of the listing?

The most commonly asked question these days:

*How do I cleanse and charge this crystal?*
?? PLEASE PLEASE NEVER EVER DO THIS to the crystals you acquire from my shop.
Unless the listing states so :)

Charging an alive crystal that comes to you with its own soul and purpose is like bondage taping the crystal to such a degree that it will only serve one of your purposes!
The crystal isn#39;t a slave per se, it is your friend/assistant/partner (a child? a teacher?) in your spiritual and energy work related endeavours.

Now cleansing! ... when crystals travel they may get a bit shaken up. So it would be advisable to take the crystal out of the packaging (very carefully and on top of something safe/soft) and let it rest for a day or two.

You are then welcome to give it a gentle wash (no soap and no salt!) with plain water and only if the listing doesn#39;t state: NO WATER (I have those as well) and then let it dry naturally. You may put it in the sun but for no longer then 5/15 mins as some crystals change colour in the sun or even loose it :(

No smudging or anything of such sorts required.
You can perform it as a bonding experience should you absolute unable to control your urge of doing something to the crystal ?? ... Just saying! ❤️

On a general note:

Please be gentle when handling the crystal ? and SAVE THE DESCRIPTION as I delete it the minute I ship the crystal to its new home...
And remember the crystal healing information provided here is for your guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

The crystal is shipped as a #39;small package#39; to ensure its safe journey, which means there is some spare space for more crystals to fit in, and you can add as many crystals as you like for that ONE FREE SHIPPING #39;fee#39; only (with rare exceptions).
Do treat yourself to an extra crystal or two :-) ?

And please add me to your favourite stores to stay up to date with my crystal adventures ?

Love and light,
Olga Star x

if you#39;d like to discover more about your last most significant reincarnation or your energy pallet, consider purchasing my multidimensional reading :) ?

The #39;small print#39; aka PP -

In this World of ♻️ packaging materials.
I recycle as MUCH as possible! Each piece of bubble wrap has been pre-used before (with love or care)... several times! ... so please be aware of this and know that I DO need to pack the crystals securely to make sure that your beautiful crystal friend (or friends) gets to you in one piece!

Would you rather I purchase more packaging materials at extra cost to our environment? Or would you rather allow me to reuse the bubble wrap and plastic packaging material that is still of decent quality and in a perfectly usable condition?

Equally I try to reuse packaging paper if I get any and I will not buy new paper as it is equally cruel to our environment.

If you still prefer #39;no plastic#39; policy there is now an opportunity of purchasing a new ADD-ON shipping option #39;Wrap My Crystals In Towels#39; for an additional cost of £10,- to cover the costs of the towels that are brand new and purchased purely for this purpose.
Then I#39;ll wrap the crystals in Wash cloths (cotton or microfibre) and I just may need to use a bit of sellotape (or else) and obviously the packaging tape.

Should you go for #39;Wrap My Crystals In Towels#39; option, please take EXTRA CARE when unwrapping the crystals ??

I ship everything TRACKED, even if you don#39;t purchase (don#39;t pay for) any additional shipping. The tracking number IS in your order!
IF YOU DO NOT receive your package WITHIN 1(!) WEEK (no matter where in the world you are!), please go onto your local post office website and track your package. If at all possible, sign up for the shipping alerts.

If you want to have your crystal insured, then you need to contact me to set up a custom shipping FEE as insuring costs A LOT EXTRA.
Obviously if you insure up to a higher value than the price you have paid, that will have to be reflected on your customs form and you will end up paying much higher customs fees.

ANY QUESTIONS, ALWAYS, message me BEFORE purchasing the crystal. NOT AFTER.

Next... Providing your item is actually lost! Didn#39;t happen to me yet but... it is possible. I can only file a claim 25 working days after the due delivery date (a vague date that is never fixed by our postal services). The shipping company only refunds SOME money! I will obviously credit you what they refund me. Nothing MORE! (express service is an exception, plus if you are paying extra for insurance).

I am always happy to help you, providing you are willing to make your crystals#39; journey safer and contribute a small effort towards your crystals safest arrival. I love my crystals SOOOOOO MUCH! It hurts me if you don#39;t show any appreciation for their huge effort to find their way to you!
You may think you chose the crystal... but I often find that the crystals are the ones that are calling out to you ?

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